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Hi Everyone,

So this morning I had just finished breastfeeding my eight week old baby I laid her down to change her diaper and she spit up...PINK spit up wih some little red flecks. I freaked out and called the hospital and asked to speak with a nurse or midwife and she said it was normal (although I forgot to mention the red flecks) and that it was caused by my hormones. I have NEVER heard of this and I asked my mom and she had never heard of this either. Has anyone else ever had this happen? Does anyone know HOW my hormones would make her have pink spit up (stupid me, I forgot to ask)??

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    Re: Pink Spit Up

    Sat, November 25, 2006 - 5:48 AM
    is there a chance your nipples are bleeding? try gently squeezing them with a napkin to see if you get blood
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      Re: Pink Spit Up

      Sat, November 25, 2006 - 10:41 AM
      If it has subsided, take baby in to a practitioner you know and trust next week and get your questions answered.
      If symptoms continue, and you're concerned, take baby in today.

      You may feel a little powerless. It may be insinuated that youre being burdensome or worrying for no reason. But the truth is, you have the right to have baby physically evaluated and have your concerns heard.

      I've never heard of pink spit up being a normal thing, but as a nurse, I've never worked in Peds or L&D either. I would think that if it was tinged with blood (either from baby's throat, mouth or belly, or from your breast), it's a small amount of blood. Its most likely self-limited. Perform your own assessment:
      Is baby's tummy hard and distended? Has the consistency or frequency of poop changed? (Bloody poop can be red or black) Does she act like she has a tummy ache, is she running a fever, is she spitting up more than usual? Is she sleeping a lot more or is she weaker? Appetite ok?

      When I was a new mom, it would comfort me to try to step back and look at the big picture like that. If baby seemed generally ok, I could let my worries rest a little. Sometimes, I really needed to have baby checked out, though.

      The first 6 months with each of my delicate little babies were probably the scariest times in my life. Especially the first one. It's such an insane amount of responsibility, if you think about it; maintaining the life of a perfect, defenseless child that depends on you 100%. Even relying on your body for nourishment! It's magical and its beautiful and it evokes a whole new level of love, but SO intense sometimes.

      All you new mama's out there have my love and respect.: )
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        Sun, November 26, 2006 - 2:07 AM
        Great advice....I'm not a pedi nurse either, but that assessment sounds spot on for what I'd expect one to do.

        I have never heard of pink-tinged spit-up. I'd also consider whether you or your baby has a thrush infection. Check the baby's mouth for white pasty crap -- that's often a tell-tale sign. I'm assuming that because you didn't say 'projectile vomit' that it's coming up as regular spit-up. If the vomiting is something out of the Exorcist, take the baby to a professional ASAP -- could be something called pyloric stenosis. Highly unlikely that this is what's happening, but sometimes these babies can vomit so hard they could break some blood vessels.

        Ack -- no fun to have to figure this out on your own!
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    Sun, November 26, 2006 - 9:51 PM
    My daughter did that.

    It was a clot in my breast causing bleeding. She was injesting my blood and spitting it up. Scary, but harmless.

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